On A Mission To Financial Freedom.

I empower Entreprenuers their path to fiancial freedom with the tools of financial literacy

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7 Secrets of Wealth Building Success 
Becoming Financially Free
The Step-by-Step Online Solution 
For People Who Want to Become Unstuck, 
Start Understanding Financial Freedom Principles, 
Start WEALTH Building Success 
Provide Generational Security Wealthin 90 Days or Less.
  •  BONUS #1 - MindMap Principles for Financial Success
  • BONUS #2 - Goal Setting Blueprint
  • BONUS #3 - Strategies of Professional Business Etiquette 
  • BONUS #4 - Things You Need to Know About Your Credit Score
  • BONUS #5 - Secrets The IRS Doesn't Want You To Know
7 Secrets of Wealth Building Success 


 MindMap 7 Principles Secrets for Financial Success
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 10 Point Workbook for Financial Success
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5 Things You Need to Know About Your Credit 
That Creditors Do Not Want You To Know (Implementation Workbook)
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 Access to Million CPA Forum Community
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 6 Module Course Work - Wealth Building  
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 12 Live Weekly Strategy Coaching Calls Q&A 
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"My mind was literally blown after experiencing the System..."

"Throughout the 30 days I learned to dare to dream. I was challenged to identify and verbalize my fears that may hinder my success. It became evident that you have to become uncomfortable to move toward success. I was pushed to know and understand my "why" and "who". I learned how to market a product through the first assignment. It was one of my favorites. I was pushed to create my first video and I found out that I enjoyed it. It gave me the confidence that I can make a video. That is one of the ways I want to reach my audience. I also learned that you need to figure out the number it would take for you to reach one million dollars. That was an interesting exercise. I never thought about it until it was presented in the way you provided outlined it. I learned more about how to use FaceBook. I had never created a FB live video. I was definitely stretched. In addition, I enjoyed the time blocking exercise. It requires you to manage your time so that you can be more efficient and effective. I liked having accountability. I would love to see you continue giving assignments. ." — Cheryl Williams, M.Ed, Atlanta, GA Vineyard Consulting, LLC.

 "Helping us get our message out to more, so we can help more..."

"I took all the assignments to heart. These assignments and what I have learned already increased my Real Estate business. I’m looking forward to seeing you, benefiting from your advice, and moving to the next phase in the program. Tracie Lowe is the consummate professional. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else! She generously 
shares her expertise through her forums and webinars. As a real estate professional, with Tracie in my  corner, I can rest assured that everything will be fine!”" — Dean LeBlanc, Watson Realty Jacksonville, FL.

"Reaching Others With a Message of Hope..."

Over the course of about 6 years, I have exclusively used Tracie to complete all my financial services and help me with my financial literacy. She has been phenomenal, and she has helped me change my mindset on where I should be focusing my attention when it comes to saving money. She is always available, and her CPA forums offer all of the tools and the motivation for you to become financially free. " —Cameron Padgett, Aldi West Florida District Manager

"I'm Living My Dream!"

"Your $1M CPA forum taught me a lot. I really liked the homework and motivational videos. They made me take a second look at talents and resources I took for granted. The mindset module helped me prioritize and structure my life in a way that allowed me to think outside the box and do more than I had been with what I have. Based on what I have learned, I plan to expand my business and empower others to do the same. I want to learn next steps. I believe I have basic business sense but that I have more to learn about best practices, guidelines and resources in order to be successful. " — RoTunda Underwood, Talented Actor & Acting Coach, Maryland 
What's Inside:

I will be breaking down every step, tactic, and strategy 
you need to know in order to get started with 
Wealth Building Success and be on your way to having Financial Freedom.

LEVEL 1: Money Principles
  • You Do Not Know What You Do Not Know 
  • ​Accelerate Your Purpose
  • Acceleration of Time & Money
  • ​Banking vs. Budgeting
  • Testing Your Dream Idea
LEVEL 2: Obtaining Financial Literacy
  • Financial Clarity
  • Ideal Vehicles For Wealth Building
  •  Premium Financial Positioning
  • ​Using Credit & Money To Work For You
  •  Leveraging Your Talents & Interests
LEVEL 3: Mind Set
  • ​  Universal Laws of Attraction
  • ​  Strategies of Financial Independence
  • Knowing Your Why
  •   Personal & Professional Etiquette
  •  Creating Your Brand & Image 
LEVEL 4: Amazing Money Facts
  •  Time & Money
  •  Financial Freedom with or without Debt
  •  Your Ultimate Support System
  •  Prosperity In Any Economy
LEVEL 5: Using the Tax Laws To Your Benefit
  • Instant Tax Savings & Secret Tax Law Benefits
  • Mind Games The IRS Plays
  • Never Ever Pay More Taxes Than You Need To
  • ​How to Remove Penalties & Interest 
  •  Creating An Offer to Settle Any IRS Debt
Level 6: Planning Your First Portfolio For Money Changes
  • Vision Setup
  • ​Home Ownership
  • ​Funding College Funds
  • ​Passive Income Training
  • ​Life Luxuries & Enjoyment
  • ​​Living Your Best Life (Lifestyle)
  • Comfortable Retirement
  •  The Art  Of Influence
  •  Building Your Empire
LEVEL 7: Strategies For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Why You Should Make A Shift 
  •  The Ultimate Business Set-Up
  •  Realizing You Are Your Own Competition
  •  Do Not Recreate the Wheel
  • ​Marketing You & Your Business
BONUS: How To Earn Money While You Sleep ($4,997 Value)
  • Building the Empire
  • Passive Income Strategies
  •  Knowledge Is Empowerment 
  •  Time Management Skills
BONUS: Developing Estate & Financial Pathways ($3,997 Value)
  • How to Set-Up Proper Insurance Payouts
  • Reviewing Annuities 
  •  Reviewing Long-Term Care & Its Benefits
  •  Wills & Trusts That Benefit You

BONUS: Peace of Mind ($1,497 Value)
  • When Its Said & Done Secrets
  • Your present, Future, & Beyond
  •  Children & Money
  •  Organize Your Records So Your Family Won't Have To
  • ​Living Your Dream

"This system was worth every penny..."

"While in the CPA Forum, I learned numerous things. More specifically I have may avenues that I can venture into, online tutoring traditional K-12, real estate classes online, and/or chef instruction tutorials. When each item has been packaged it Is done and generate exponential income. This is a new way of thinking about marketing to the masses"  — LeQuisha Underwood, Owner Mahoganie Catering & Mahoganii Reads

"I didn't know where to begin..."

"Tracie Lowe is a BRILLIANT CPA and financial coach! My husband and I had what we thought were pretty complicated tax situations and she’s always handled them quickly and professionally with no issues. She also hosted a forum that provided valuable advice for those wanting to excel in their financial growth. I highly recommend Tracie for any of your financial needs. She knows her stuff!!!" —Adrienne Webb, Owner Designer Chick
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